What you’ll learn

  • Create robust & dynamic financial models in Excel from scratch

  • Identify key drivers and assumptions for performance

  • Prepare custom outputs to address the needs of investors and stakeholders

  • Add value to any financial model by introducing dynamic scenarios and sensitivity analysis

  • Structure complex Excel models that are easy to read

  • Apply professional formatting that makes your spreadsheets stand out


  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or later

  • Comfortable with basic Excel functionality

  • Basic knowledge of fundamental financial reporting principles


Suppose you currently work in an FP&A role or anywhere between accounting and finance. In that case, there’s a high chance you’ll probably face the challenge of preparing a 3 or 5-year financial model to plan ahead of time and ensure the business is ready to face any challenges.

This course will teach you how to create dynamic assumptions-driven financial models confidently!

You will start with an empty Excel spreadsheet and build a complete dynamic 5-year financial model you can use for strategic planning and investor purposes!

What you’ll get out of this course?

The Create a Strategic 5-year Financial Model in Excel course will guide you through the practical process of creating a 5-year financial model in Excel, step by step. We will define a clear structure and build a robust dynamic model, which you can reuse repeatedly. I will help you understand the flow of information between different parts of the model and how to optimize these relationships. You will learn how to forecast, define assumptions and perform sensitivity analysis. We will define a consistent formatting framework for our model to make it easier to read and understand, even after time has passed.

I will show you some tips and tricks to tremendously improve the value of your model by adding versatility, dynamic scenarios, and sensitivity analysis. We will take it to the end and prepare summary sheets to share with investors and other stakeholders.

In this course, I follow the exact approach that I use when working for clients so that you see a real-life example.

After taking the Create a Strategic 5-year Financial Model in Excel course, you will be confident to prepare your complex models and bring value to any company you work in.

You will also get Minty Tools (Student Edition) – a free Excel add-in with useful features to streamline and speed up your Excel modeling workflow.

What should you know to take the course?

This course is aimed at an intermediate level of students. We will go over the main shortcuts and formulas we use in the model, and you will have to become familiar with those to follow along. I expect you to have a solid fundamental knowledge of Excel, be able to use formulas, link to cells in other sheets, and know how the standard formatting tools and the ribbon work. This course will be hard to take if you are entirely new to Excel.

To fully understand the model, you will need some basic accounting knowledge. I explain everything whenever we go into specifics. Still, I expect you to be familiar with an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement and have a general idea of how these are linked together. I would also expect you to understand words like Depreciation and Amortization, Interest, Cash Flows, and other similar terms.

It would be possible to follow along and learn much from the course, even without basic accounting knowledge. Still, I would suggest you familiarize yourself with that and then take the Create a Strategic 5-year Financial Model in Excel course.

I hope you are ready to up your game, learn how to build investor-ready financial models in Excel, and propel your career!

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